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Jesse began his journey in the Modification Industry early in life. He has had the opportunity to work alongside many seasoned professionals; exploring the many facets from jewelry manufacturing, body piercing, suspension, and finding his niche in tattooing. After almost a decade of hard work and dedication to his career in tattooing, his dream of owning his own studio became a reality. He and his partner opened Ritual Arts in the summer of 2011. His skill and dedication have also been recognized within the greater tattoo community, where he has become a published & award winning tattoo artist.

 Jesse has a bold and vibrant style. While he favors Neo Traditional, Sacred Geometry, New School food tattoos, and cute 80’s/90’s pop culture throw back tattoos, Jesse is well rounded and experienced in many styles of tattooing; reworking old tattoos; designing large scale pieces that flow with the body.

 When Jesse isn't tattooing he enjoys various forms of art and DIY projects, specifically focusing on knife making and wood/metal work. He loves spending time with his chosen family and rescue pups. Outdoor adventures to the river and camping trips around the pacific northwest are a particular favorite. He is vegan and has dedicated himself to a clean+sober lifestyle.  

 After 16 years, Jesse’s passion for tattooing has not veered. While he likes to give people meaningful and important tattoos, one of the biggest things he’s realized with his career so far is that every tattoo doesn't have to have a deep seeded meaning. They can just be super fun or esthetically pleasing.







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