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“Here’s the thing that I love about tattooing. It’s the intimate vulnerable moments I get to share with my friends/clients. I will never fully grasp how much each piece means to someone, but in the time we spend together tattooing, I get a brief glimpse behind the curtain while their guard is down and we get to share something real and honest. It’s not about the tattoo, it’s about the experience, it’s how you guide each person through the process. This isn’t some hippy dippy crap, if you’ve ever been tattooed you know. That’s what’s special about what we do, that’s what I love about tattooing.”

JJ has worked across the country alongside some of the best tattooers in the business.  Self taught and coming up in a custom shop environment laid the groundwork for their creativity to run rampant. They love the intersection of intent and design and thrive on the collaboration that exists between themselves and their clients.

A life long cyclist and adventure you’re sure to find them around town, at a bike race or even a camp out.  If you see them say hi, community is everything!




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