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CHAZ VITALE was born and raised in the final frontier, Alaska. In 2000, I left the frozen north for the City of Roses on an art scholarship to the Pacific Northwest College of Art. I studied color, proportion, and light. I wallowed in the glory of Jenny Saville’s large bodied nudes. I was awestruck by the saturated color and political critique embodied by the color pencil self-portraiture of Su-En Wong. I was fascinated by the grit and vulgarity of David Wojnarowicz’s pen and ink drawings. I reveled in the flow and balance of art nouveau advertisements, natural science diagrams and botanical etchings. In 2004, I received the Intermedia Thesis Award  and graduated with honors with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art. 

I continued crafting fine art commissions, participating in solo as well as group shows, and decided to continue my anatomical education by pursuing massage training. I had the opportunity to do trauma-informed bodywork for first responders and survivors of domestic violence. These were such clear examples to me of how we hold experiences in our bodies. By 2005, exposure to art and bodywork culminated in my embracing tattooing. 

Tattooing has me transfixed by the endless aesthetic possibilities of the human form. Your body is exactly right and perfect;complex,fragile,enduring. Every body is beautiful and it is my goal to accentuate that beauty with considered, form-fitting designs, tailored to your particular anatomy and imagination. I want to help you occupy your body and celebrate the unique skin that you are in. I am a Portland, Oregon based custom tattoo artist. My style combines realism, ornamental and illustrative approaches. I enjoy color as well as black and grey projects, often using imagery from the natural world. Additionally, I appreciate the clarity and precision of line-based work.

I am brimming with gratitude for the wonderful people who have entrusted me with their truths, creativity, and bodies to create collaborative magic in the name of art.


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